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The following are some macro shots I was playing around with. I was shooting and exploring trying to get some different lighting perspectives going with regards to macro photography. Most images were shot using an off camera flash attached with a ttl cord to add some unique lighting. I used that in conjunction with the location of the sun to try and get some fun and different lighting angles.

This particular flower I had the flash positioned all the way over on the far left and low to add some depth and shadows to really define the petals.

Purple buds of purple flowers
I like the converging lines on this one with the purple buds and the purple flowers in the background. Converging lines sometimes goes against the rules but let’s be honest it’s fun to break the rules. The late setting sun was falling nicely on the background. I used some off camera fill flash from the upper left to give the foreground buds some POP.

Most of the time fill flash is used to illuminate what is in front of the lens. On this particular day I was looking for different ideas and lighting that was not your standard “Macro”. With this thought process in mind I placed the flash on the ground behind and aiming up at this flower, which gave is some nice backlight and really made the cob webs stand out.

The low setting sun was almost directly behind this patch. Which really allowed the spiky/fuzzy (whatever they’re called) elements on the stems to stand out. Now in this situation using no flash would have resulted in a dark colorless shadows of the stems and flowers. With the ability to use flash as fill light it allowed the colors on the stems and flowers to really stand out as well as using the backlight to create the texture.

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