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Today is Day 2. I have some images from Rock Climbing and BMX.

7:30 am until 2am is not leaving much time for sleep but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

“You can sleep when you’re dead”

Here are a few shots:

Rock Climbing set up

It's all about the details

BMX racer

Using a little slower shutter speed to get some motion blur

Rock climbing in Colorado

Rock Climbing in Garden of the Gods

BMX racer jumping

Using a little remote flash to high light the BMX racer as the sun is setting.

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I am in Colorado Springs this week at The Summit Series Sports Photography Workshop.
I will try to do a little post everyday but we’re working about 12-14 hours a day so it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time.
Most of this afternoon was spent at a local skatepark with a few local rippers.
The use of remote flashes and great clouds made for some interesting photographs.
All photos were made using 2 off camera remote flashes triggered by radio poppers.

Skateboard Invert in Pool

Shooting with the sun behind your subject is fun when using remote flashes.

BMX Portrait

BMX Portrait

Kickflip over the gap

Kickflip over the gap

Kickflip to boardslide

Kickflip to boardslide


Tailslide - This kid Anthony was killing it.

Frontside Air

Frontside Air with the Sun Burst in the background


The sun had pretty much set at this point and the sky looked great. Adds making a dramatic photograph

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