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Day 4 from Colorado Springs – Motocross

Here are some images from the 4th and final day of shooting.
More Motocross, trying a few different angles and lighting techniques.

Photo of Motocross racing through a berm

Looking to profile the mud flying up on this one.

High Speed Photo, Motocross racing

Here I tried a really low angle using a slow shutter speed with an off camera light (600 watt profoto). I'm almost underneath him as he's flying by me.

Photo of Motocross rider crashing

Going a little too fast into the muddy corner. If you look closely you can see his hand hasn't quite hit the ground yet.

Motocross berm photo

Same guy as above on a more successful attempt. I used a slower shutter speed on this one to show motion (1/250th of a sec) and I had a Profoto light I was triggering wirelessly off to the riders right to freeze the rider and make him sharp.

Motocross berm photo

I like the dirt being kicked up on this one by the rider hitting the corner.

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Here are some images from day 3 of from the workshop in Colorado Springs

Day 3 was Motocross. Some images are made using natural light while some were made using of camera lighting.

Motocross Eclipse

Using off camera lighting (ranger studio type lighting with battery pack) I was able to light the rider with the sun behind him.

Big Air Motocross jump

Big Air (natural light)

Berm Shot Motocross

Berm Shot using off camera flash.

Late Day Berm Motocross Shot

Same berm as the shot above but a little later in the day, also using off camera flash to light the rider.

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