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The Hurley Pro, ASP World Tour, Surf Contest at Trestles in Southern California is coming up in a couple of weeks. The week of September 18th.

I thought I would post a few photos I shot from last year, just to peak the anticipation a little.

Kelly Slater Surfing

Kelly Slater doing what he does best

Chris Davidson

"Davo" (Chris Davidson)

Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds Launching. This is by far one of the biggest airs I've seen in person. The photo doesn't quite do it justice as seeing it in real life.

Adriano de Souza Surfing

Adriano de Souza throwing out his tail.

Taj Burrow Surfing

Taj Burrow busting a backside air.

Surfer Julian Wilson

Surfer Julian Wilson on left.

Kelly Slater Surfing

Kelly Slater inside section air. I like how in this photo the guy on the jet ski in the back ground is snapping photos at the same time of the same thing but totally different angle.

Mick Fanning Surfing

Mick Fanning letting his fins loose.

Jordy Smith Surfing

Jordy Smith with a nice fan.

Taj Burrow Surfing

Taj Burrow getting ready for a frontside snap.

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