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I just read this interesting article:

How to Be Creative

If you have a minute or three read the article (what I’m discussing will make more sense).

I’ve been seeing more and more articles and discussions lately on this topic. Basically there are a lot of people and studies conducted in which people are saying that creativity is indeed an acquired skill that takes work and practice to develop as opposed to something you are born with.

Then how does one explain these child prodigies or people that just seem to naturally come up with amazing creative creations?

There is something to be said however that practice, study and exploration into ones creative mind fuels creativity. I think of myself as a creative person but also know that I have to work at it. Or one could say that participating in creative endeavors allows the creative mind to work more freely and also feeds the soul (creative soul anyway).

I believe people (anyone) can develop and harness creativity with work, practice and determination. Those people that say “I’m just not creative” or “I wish I was creative” can be, I’ve seen it. They may not be able to paint a Picasso but creativity comes in many forms. There’s creativity not only in music, art, crafts and photography but also in problem solving. Thinking outside the box is being creative. Thinking of new ways to do business or even entertain is being creative. Changing ingredients in a dish you are cooking to spice it up a little is being creative. Thinking of new varietals of wine to blend together, or new ingredients to brew beer with is also being creative. Just because it doesn’t work or tastes like crap doesn’t mean the creative process wasn’t unleashed from ones brain. Most “creatives” aren’t successful all of the time but you don’t get those “Eureka” moments without trial and error. This in my opinion should give hope to those persons who “aren’t creative”.

Personally based off of my own experiences and articles I’ve read, I think that there’s a combination in what is referred to as “learned” or “innate”. However I also believe that some people aren’t necessarily born more creative but have the ability to access more easily that creative process. They are perhaps more in tuned to that part of the brain and it comes more easily or without as much practice so to speak of. Not that they’re born with it, we are all born with it, their brains are just able to harness it quicker. Where as others can produce and come up with creative ideas but need to put more into fueling that creative process.

I know when I put forth efforts and have experiences that would be considered creative it fuels my creativity, even in other arenas. For example if I participate in doing something creative, not related to photography, (painting or music which I am not very good at) I then notice that my photography benefits from the creative process that my brain is engaging in. It’s like my mind has opened and things start flowing and I come up with ideas I wouldn’t have normally considered.

When creativity is actively pursued anyone can benefit from and harness it. For some it may be a slower process and you may not be pleased with the results right away but keep at it, not only will you feel content inside but whatever you are working at, your results will improve. Until one day you look back at your old stuff and say “Wow I’ve come a long way”. So for all you non self believers out there, give it a shot. What do you have to lose? FUN?

Just my thoughts…

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