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Back in September the ASP World Tour made their annual stop in Southern California for the Hurley Pro, with the only stop of the WCT on the mainland of North America.
This surf contest features the best of the best as far as competitive surfers are concerned (it’s also called the “Dream Tour”). They travel all over the world to compete at some of the best surf spots on the planet. The contest in Southern California takes place at Lower Trestles just south of San Clemente.

Here are some photos from the contest:

Dane Reynolds air time

Dane Reynolds air time

Dane Reynolds finished in 2nd place at the 2009 Hurley Pro.

Dane Reynolds signing autographs

Dane Reynolds getting mobbed by the Groms for autographs

Kelly Slater busting an air

Kelly Slater busting an air

9 time World Champion, Defending World Champion and Defending Hurley Pro Champion Kelly Slater finished in 3rd place.

Kelly Slater Portrait photograph

Kelly Slater Portrait Photo

Rob Machado backside snap

Rob Machado doing his thing

Rob Machado who is not on tour anymore entered through a sponsor wildcard exemption (he’s sponsored by Hurley) and had a respectable 9th place finish.

Adriano de Souza fins free

Adriano de Souza fins free

Brazilian Adriano de Souza finished in 5th place.

Dane Reynolds Portrait

Dane Reynolds post heat portrait

Mick Fanning Contest Winner

Mick Fanning sliding the tail around

Mick Fanning was the winner of the 2009 Hurley Pro and went on a tear for the rest of the year eventually winning the World Title.

Technical info (if you care):
Lens used was a 500mm f4.0, I changed ISO between 200-400, aperature f5.0, shutter speed varied between 1/2500 – 1/5000 for the action shots

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