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After a docent lead tour of the new exhibits in the Museum of Photographic Arts ( MOPA ), it was dark and I thought it would be a good time to play around with a few evening/night shots in and around Balboa Park in San Diego. While photographing in the park I though it would be fun to play around with some different off camera lighting.
Below are a couple of results from my experimentation.

Fig Tree photograph
This is a fig tree hidden in the back of the park. It was extremely dark back there thus resulting in quite a long exposure. I was able to illuminate the tree from different areas popping the flash as I walked around.

Museum of Art Fountain
This particular shot had some illumination on the right hand side from a street lamp. The other side of the fountain however was falling in very dark shadows. I used off camera lighting on the left side setting the flash 20 feet back as to not give it too much light. Just enough so you could see some detail. Whether or not you think this is art I think it’s kind of funny how the “Museum of Art” sign is in the background. I made sure I used an aperture so that you could still read the sign.

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